Distance Learning Advisory Council

  • The Distance Learning Advisory Council will advise the Center for Distance Learning on certain matters. These matters include, but are not limited to, faculty training and support, maintenance of equipment and resources, marketing the program, seeking grant support, assessment of distance education quality, and qualifications of faculty who may teach distance education courses.

  • The Advisory Council will advise the Provost regarding proposals to offer distance education courses and distance education resources.

  • The Council will advise Chancellor and Provost regarding proposed institutional agreements that may use resources supporting distance education.

  • The Distance Learning Advisory Council will be responsible for collecting and retaining records regarding distance education activities. Such records will include, but not be limited to: (a) policies; (b) proposals; (c) contracts; memoranda of agreement, or other institutional agreements governing the development and implementation of distance learning courses or programs of study, and the use of distance education resources; (d) THEC classification of courses; (e) documentation of faculty training; (f) course enrollments, (g) course evaluations; (h) assessment of distance learning courses.

Members of the Distance Learning Advisory Council (2013-2014): 

Administrative Representatives: 

UTC Learn Online Kim McCroskey (Chair); CODL Staff
The Graduate School Randy Walker
Admissions Office Lee Pierce; Jason Lyon
Registrar's Office Linda Orth; Rebecca Dragoo
Bursar's Office Nancy Neal; Ranece Iglus
Financial Aid Dianne Cox; Jennifer Buckles
University Relations Chuck Cantrell; April Cox
Information Technology (ITD) Tom Hoover; Monty Wilson
Walker Center for Teaching and Learning Karen Adsit
Library Theresa Liedtka; Beverly Kutz
Disability Resource Center Michelle Rigler; Bryon Kluesner
International Students Nancy Amberson
Honor Court/Student Development Jim Hicks
Continuing Education Ginny Reese

College Representatives:

College of Health, Education and Professional Studies Linda Johnston; Joanie Jackson
College of Business Administration Beni Asslani; Mike Owens

College of Arts and Sciences

Pam Ashmore; Irina Khmelko
College of Engineering and Computer Science Neslihan Alp; Joseph Kizza