UTC Learn Enhancements 

Please note these include:

  • A new Student Preview tool (webpage tutorial; video) allows instructors to easily see their course and complete assignments from a student perspective.  Test Student is no longer necessary and will not be available after summer 2015 classes.
  • SafeAssign (webpage tutorial; video) has improved and is now integrated in regular Assignments.  To use SafeAssign, the text matching tool used to prevent plagiarism, create an Assignment and select the SafeAssign option.
  • New features in Assignments include the ability to enable anonymous grading and delegated grading (video). 

FACULTY: If you need assistance with any aspect of UTC Learn, please contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning at utclearn@utc.edu or 425-4188 or drop by and see us in our NEW LOCATION in the New Library, Room 433.

STUDENTS:  If you need assistance with UTC Learn, please contact with UTC Solutions Center at 425-4000. 

We appreciate your patience as we continue to make important improvements to our UTC Learn system. Thank you once again for your support.