UTC Learn Known Issues

This table provides a list of known issues we are currently experiencing with UTC Learn.  Please contact the UTC Learn support team with additional questions or issues at utclearn@utc.edu.

Date Status Issue Comments
02/11/2016 Open

Group Forums Diplaying Multiple Times in "My Grades"

When an instructor creates a forum in one group, students may see themselves as members of other groups in "My Grades".  This issue can also result in students not being exempted from the correct graded group forums, and students being able to see multiple forums in My Grades.

This is a known issue.  Our workaround is to edit the groups, change nothing, and then click Submit.   This process reaffirms the group membership and fixes the issues with multiple forums being visible, students in the wrong group forum, and issues with the forums not being properly exempted.
09/29/2015 Open

Grade Center Secondary Display Cannot be Set Back to None on Calculated Columns

If a calculated column's secondary display is set to anything other than 'None', the column can then not be changed back to 'None'.

 This is a known issue with the Blackboard software.  A fix for this issue is anticipated in late 2015.  
07/16/2015 Open

Search Results for Users Not Displaying Properly

When instructors search for users to add to their courses, the list of names returned by the search does not toggle past the initial screen of results.


This is a known issue with the Blackboard software.  Instructors can sort the returned list of results by first name (click on “first name” at the top of the column) and the screens will toggle to allow for the search.

07/16/2015 Open

Email Messages Contain "do-not-reply" in From Field

Why does the “from” field on the header of emails received for the UTC Learn system contain the email address do-not-reply@blackboard.com? 


The use of the do-not-reply email address is behaving as the Blackboard LMS has designed.  This “dummy” email address is used to allow the system to comply with the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) policy.  This means that the use of the do-not-reply portion of the email addresses allows the Blackboard system to tell receiving email systems that the email is not spam or junk email so that it is not automatically filtered.

If you do wish to reply to the email you receive, the email will address properly back to the original sender.

05/26/15 Open

Single Course User Participation Report Not Functioning Properly

The “single course user participation report” generated by an instructor of a course gives the error message that the “file format and extension don’t match” and a the file is blank when the user attempts to open the file.

The file format and extension error is expected behavior because the file produced is actually an xml spreadsheet that is given an xls file extension.  The blank data is a known issue with Blackboard.