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UTC Learn Known Issues

This table provides a list of known issues we are currently experiencing with UTC Learn.  Please contact the UTC Learn support team with additional questions or issues at

Date Status Issue Comments
05/26/15 Open

Single Course User Participation Report Not Functioning Properly

The “single course user participation report” generated by an instructor of a course gives the error message that the “file format and extension don’t match” and a the file is blank when the user attempts to open the file.

The file format and extension error is expected behavior because the file produced is actually an xml spreadsheet that is given an xls file extension.  The blank data is a known issue with Blackboard.

05/08/2015 Open

YouTube Mashup Tool Not Functioning Properly

Users are unable to view embedded YouTube videos that were placed in their UTC Learn course using the YouTube Mashup or Video Everywhere tools.   Instructors are unable to add new embedded videos utilizing the YouTube Mashup tool or Video Everywhere.

In order to resolve this issue, the instructor of the course will need to remove the link to the video utilizing the YouTube Mashup tool or Video Everywhere and create a link directly to the YouTube video or embed the video into the content of the course. 
Click here for more information
8/22/2014 Open Sending email to large number of users (100+) may result in error: "HTTP Error 404.15 - Not Found. The request filtering module is configured to deny a request where the query string is too long." If you see this error after sending an email, the email has been sent, and you should receive your copy as usual. The problem is that with the large number of users, the URL is too long to display the "success" message to the sender.
2/17/2014 Open SafeAssign error: “Sorry, we do not think you are logged into SafeAssign” Browser cookie settings can cause this error.  Please see the blog post
8/26/2013 Open Mixed content in UTC Learn does not display Recent versions of Firefox & Chrome block webpages that serve mixed content (http & https).  See our blog post for a workaround.