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What's new in UTC Learn:

Documentation currently available for the new UTC Learn system can be found in the column to the right. To make a request for additional documentation please email your questions to Kim McCroskey.

Follow our blog for the latest updates on the UTC Learn upgrade, including tutorials on some of the new features.


UTC Learn Tutorials:

Getting Started
  • UTC Learn Profiles (PDF)

Packages and Utilities
  • Archive Course (PDF)
  • Export Course (PDF)
  • Import Course (PDF)

Adding Content
  • New Content Editor (PDF)
  • Text Editor Recording with Webcam (PDF)
  • Adding WSJ Module (PDF)
  • Access Assignments (PDF)
  • Create Assignments (PDF)
  • Grade Assignments (PDF)

  • Access SafeAssignments (PDF)
  • Create SafeAssignments (PDF)
  • Direct Submit SafeAssignments (PDF)
  • Grade SafeAssignments (PDF)
  • Understanding SafeAssign Reports (PDF)

  • Access Survey Results (PDF)
  • Create Surveys (PDF)
  • Deploy Surveys (PDF)
  • Edit Survey Questions (PDF)
  • Export/Import Surveys (PDF)
  • Find and Search Survey Questions (PDF)
  • Questions Settings for Surveys (PDF

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser (PDF
  • Update Point Values (PDF)
  • Access Grade (PDF)
  • Create Test (PDF)
  • Create Pool (PDF)
  • Create Test From Pool (PDF
  • Create Question Set (PDF)
  • Create Random Block (PDF)
  • Deploy Test (PDF)
  • Edit Test Questions (PDF)
  • Export/Import Test (PDF)
  • Find and Search Test Questions (PDF)
  • Question Settings For Tests (PDF)
  • Test Exceptions (PDF)
Grade Center
  • Enter Grades in Banner (PDF)
  • Grade Center Categories (PDF)
  • Create Total Column (PDF)
  • Create Weighted Column (PDF)
  • Navigating the Grade Center (PDF)
  • Grade Center Download/Upload (PDF)
  • Organize Columns (PDF)
  • Grade Anonymously (PDF)
  • Inline Grading (PDF)

  • Retention Center (PDF)
  • Test Student Login (PDF)
  • Create Announcement (PDF)

Course Tools
  • Add A Test Student (PDF)
  • Course Calendar (PDF)
  • Create Rubrics (PDF
  • Use Rubrics For Grading (PDF
  • Date Management (PDF)
  • Merge/Unmerge Course Enrollments (PDF)

  • Access Student Blog Entries (PDF)
  • Add Comments (PDF)
  • Create Blogs (PDF)
  • Create and Save Blog Entry (PDF)
  • Grade Blog (PDF)

  • Create Forum (PDF)
  • Create, Edit, Delete Thread Posts (PDF)
  • Grade Threads and Forums (PDF)
  • Read and Reply to Thread (PDF)
  • Save, Edit Thread Draft (PDF)
  • Search and Filter Forum (PDF)

  • Access Student Journal Entries (PDF)
  • Add Comments (PDF)
  • Create Journal (PDF)
  • Create Journal Entry (PDF)
  • Grade Journal (PDF)

Users and Groups
  • Enroll Users (PDF)
  • Remove Users (PDF)
  • Creating a Signup Sheet (PDF)