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User Management

Course Instructors can enroll new users in a course or change a user's role in a course.  Users in a class can be organized into groups for projects or specialized course delivery.

For user management click the Users & Groups tab located on the Control Panel.

user management

     What would you like to do?   
     -View course enrollment   
     -Enroll/remove users   
     -Change a user's role in a course   
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Course Enrollment

Banner has official course enrollments; UTC Learn is updated with Banner's enrollments hourly.  You may enroll students and faculty in your course at anytime.

Simple Steps to View Course Enrollment:  From the course Control Panel → Select Users and Groups → Click Users

Simple Steps to Enroll User:  From the course Control Panel → Select Users and Groups → Select Users → Select Find Users to Enroll → Enter the user's UTC ID (or Browse by the user's first or last name or email) → Select the user's role → Submit

Available Tutorials:  Check Class Roll (PDF), Enroll Users (PDF), Removing/Hiding User (PDF), Deleting an Instructor (PDF)

Explanation:  Faculty may wish to have staff or teaching assistants to help them with online course instruction and management.  Faculty may also wish to manually add a student to a course.  Faculty may enroll these users into a course and assign them a user role appropriate to their function with the course.  Note that only the faculty of record is able to do this.

Important Guidelines to follow:  (a) Please limit access to the Control Panel function to only individuals competent in use of the system.  (b) Since certain student data are protected by federal law, NO ONE should have access to the control panel and protected student information unless they have been trained on Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Instructors may need to remove specific users from a course (e.g. TAs or instructors) as they are no longer needed in the course.  The user's role must first be changed to student before they can be removed from a course.  DO NOT REMOVE enrolled students from a course.  Instead, hide student users from a course if necessary.  Students will be removed automatically from a course once they have officially dropped that course.

Change a User's Role in a Course

There are several user roles available in UTC Learn.  The user roles have varying degrees to course tools.  A course instructor can change user's role within a course from the Control Panel.

Simple Steps:  From the course Control Panel → Select Users and Groups → Select Users → Scroll to the appropriate user and click the Chevron icon beside their UTC ID → Select Change User's Role in Course → From the new screen check the correct user role → Submit

Available Tutorials:  Change User Roles (PDF), Deleting an Instructor (PDF)