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Grade Center

The Grade Center in UTC Learn is more than just a way to record students' grades.  It is a dynamic and interactive tool, allowing you to record data, calculate grades, and monitor student progress.  You can generate reports to communicate information to parents, administrators, and other stakeholders.  You can determine which assigned grades to show to your students on their My Grades page, including columns displaying performance results.

In the Grade Center, you can provide and manage your students' grades for assignments, tests, discussion posts, journals, blogs, and wikis, and for ungraded items, such as surveys or self tests.  You can also create grade columns for any activities or requirements you want to grade, such as special projects, participation, or attendance.

Available Tutorials:  Grade Center - Send Email (PDF),  Grade Center Smart Views (PDF),  Grade Center Filter (PDF)

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Navigating the Grade Center

The Grade Center is the instructor's view of grades within UTC Learn.  My Grades is the Students' view.  The Grade Center allows instructors to manually enter grades for students within grade columns.  Columns are either manually created by instructors or automatically created through UTC Learn if an assignment of test is created.  For manual columns, UTC Learn grades the assignment or test, which will appear in the Grade Center.

Available Tutorials:  Access/Navigate Grade Center (PDF)

Set up the Grade Center

The Grade Center provides flexibility to meet the needs of basic and advanced users, and a diverse student population.  Instructors can easily and efficiently perform most Grade Center activities from a central view.

The Grade Center includes features to communicate and share assessment data directly with students.  A reporting feature can assist instructors in understanding student progress and make informed decisions to improve performance.

The Grade Center is organized around a main page that resembles a spreadsheet.  Each row is populated by a user in the Course and each column is made up of assignments, tests, and other items that can be graded.  Columns can also be used for calculating grades.  Grades are entered directly on the Grade Center main page, the Grade Details page (where more information can be entered), or the Grade Questions page, which allows instructors to enter grades anonymously.

The Grade Center data can be downloaded and worked outside of the system (in Excel).  This data can the be uploaded to the Grade Center at the convenience of the instructor.  Reports can be generated from the Grade Center so students can examine the performance of any particular student or the entire Course.  Students can also access their grades from the My Grades area in the Course Menu.


Adding Columns

Instructors can create various calculated columns within the Grade Center.  Calculated columns use existing Grade Center columns (as chose by the instructor) to calculate an average, minimum/maximum, total, and weighted column.

Available Tutorials:  Create Average Column (PDF),  Create Min/Max Column (PDF),  Create Total Column (PDF),  Create Weighted Column (PDF)


Organizing Columns and Rows

The Column Organization feature within the Grade Center helps to configure the Grade Center display to be more manageable and customized for instructors' needs.  Column organization allows instructors to move/rearrange columns, and freeze/unfreeze columns.

Move Columns:  It is possible to rearrange/move columns in the Grade Center.  For example, an instructor may wish to line all quizzes next to each other and all tests next to each other.  Moving columns allows you to do this.

Freeze/Unfreeze Columns:  Frozen columns remain in position on the left side of the Grade Center while the rest of the columns can be scrolled easily.  This feature can be used, for example, to easily match up individual students with their data across the length of the Grade Center.

Available Tutorials:  Grade Center Column Organization (PDF)


You can view individual assignments, group assignments, SafeAssignments, and test attempts, as well as blog and journal entries, wiki page saves, and discussion posts ready for grading or review on the Needs Grading page.  For courses with many enrolled students and gradable items, you can use the information and functions on the Needs Grading page to determine and organize your grading tasks.  If you have a designated turnaround time set for all gradable items, the Needs Grading page allows you to customize the view of items with a needs grading status.  You can sort and filter the list, allowing you to grade the most urgent items first.  For example, you can sort by due date to ensure your final tests are graded by your school's deadline.

The Needs Grading feature is the only way instructors can use their mobile devices (e.g. iPads, Droid based tablets) to grade student work.  One you have selected that first item you want to grade you must turn the text editor off to provide comments.

Available Tutorials:  Grade Center Categories (PDF),  Grade Anonymously (PDF),  View Grade History (PDF),  Grade Center Create Report (PDF),  Grading Color Codes (PDF),  Grading Periods (PDF),  Grading Schemas (PDF),  Grading with a Rubric (PDF)

Available Videos:  Grading Assessments Question by Question (VIDEO),  Anonymous Grading (VIDEO),  Creating Grading Notes (VIDEO),  Viewing and Downloading Grade History (VIDEO),  Creating a Grade Center Report (VIDEO),  Color Coding the Grade Center (VIDEO),  Grading with Rubrics (VIDEO)


Export and Import from Spreadsheet

The Grade Center Work Offline feature allows instructors to work with Grade Center data outside of UTC Learn.  Work Offline provides two options:  upload data into the Grade Center from an external source file or Download data from the Grade Center in a delimited file format (typically Microsoft Excel).  Both options are discussed in this tutorial.

Available Tutorials:  
Work Offline Download/Upload (PDF)