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Wikis are a collaborative tool that allows students to contribute and modify one or more page of course related materials, providing a means of sharing and collaboration.  Pages can be created and edited quickly, while tracking changes and additions, allowing for effective collaboration between multiple writers.  The Instructor can create one or more Wikis for all Course members to contribute to and Wikis for specific Groups to use to collaborate.  Wikis can also be used to record information and serve as a repository for course information and knowledge.

The Instructor has the ability to view all changes to all pages in the Wiki.  The Instructor can view the changes date at a high level and then drill down to retrieve information about the development and contributions for any individual.

The Instructor can choose whether to assign a grade to student contributions to a Wiki.  After a Wiki is set to be graded, a grade column is crated automatically in the Grade Center.  Individual Student and Group contributions then can be graded inside the Wiki tool, where all pages and edits can be referenced, as the grade is determined.

An assigned grade can also be edited from inside the Wikis tool and the Grade Center is updated.  Grades for Wikis are changed, deleted, reverted, and overridden just like other grades in the Grade Center.  Students can view their Wiki grades in the My Grades tool.

The Instructor creates Wikis.  Any course member can add pages unless the Instructor intends to be the sole author and use the Wiki as course content.

The Instructor enables group Wikis.  Any course member can read the Group Wiki, but the user must be a member of the Group to edit a page or make a comment on a Group Wiki page.  The Instructor can change the default setting to allow only Group members to view a Group Wiki.

Available Tutorials:  Create Wiki (PDF),  Edit Wiki Content (PDF),  Add Comments (PDF),  Grade Wiki (PDF)

Available Videos:  Creating a Wiki (VIDEO),  Editing a Wiki Page (VIDEO),  Grading a Wiki (VIDEO)