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Merge Course Enrollments

  1. From the Control Panel of the course you want to merge other courses into, click Course Tools then Merge Course Enrollments.

  2. Select Merge Section Enrollments Into This Course

  3. To make it clearer for students, you have the option to change the name of the course to include the multiple sections.  Edit the parent course's name if desired.

  4. Under Select Selections to Merge, you will see a list of all your courses.  Select the child courses wish to merge into this parent course (i.e., the other sections).  To make more than one selection, press and hold the CTRL key (PC) or the Command key (Mac), then left-click with your mouse multiple courses.

  5. Click Submit at the bottom.

  6. If you go back to your main UTC Learn (click the Main tab), you will see that the child courses you just merged int other parent course have a different title.  They say "MERGED - DO NOT USE".  They have also been made unavailable.  You should only make changes to the parent course from this point forward.  All student enrollments from the child courses have been merged and students from ALL sections will see the merged course on their list of courses (and not the course they originally had with the specific section).

  7. To help determine which course each student enrollment came from, new column called "Merged ID" is added in the parent course's Grade Center.  This column contains each student's original course ID.  For example, I know that Jane Doe was originally in 3202 (section 2) and Scrappy Doe was originally in 3201 (section 1).

  8. To ensure that this Merged ID column is up-to-date and correct, it is recommended that instructors synch their Grade Center directly after the drop/add period.  To do this, access your parent course's Control Panel.  Click Course Tools, then click Merge Course Enrollments.

  9. Click Synchronize Grade Book Column.

Available Tutorials:  Merge Course Enrollments (PDF)