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The Journal tool offers Students the opportunity to reflect on course content and communicate privately with the Instructor.  Instructors can use the tool to gauge understanding and guide Students in their knowledge acquisition.  Instructor comments can help students refine their writing ideas.

The Instructor creates the Journal topics for individual Students to use.  Then, Students submit Journal entries in response to the topic and the Instructor can comment on the individual entries.  As the Journal topic is created, the Instructor determines if the Journal entries will be graded.  Students are allowed to create multiple entries for an individual Journal topic, whether it is graded or not.

The Instructor can choose to make Journal entries public, allowing all Course members to view all entries.  For example, an Instructor may choose to make a Journal public when asking for opinions on how to improve the evaluation process.  Students can read what other students wrote and build upon those ideas.  Students cannot comment on other Students' entries; only the instructor can add comments.

The Group Journal tool functions differently, as it allows all members of a Group to view all Group Journal entries.  A Group Journal has no Journal topics; it is created by the Journal entries submitted by Group members.  A Group Journal can be edited to add instructions for the members.  Group members and the Instructor can add comments.

Available Tutorials:  Create Journal (PDF),  Create and Save Journal Entry (PDF),  Access Student Journal Entries (PDF),  Add Comments (PDF),  Grade Journals (PDF), Read and Reply to Journal Comments (PDF)

Available Video:  Creating a Journal (VIDEO),  Commenting on a Journal Entry (VIDEO),  Creating and Editing Journal Entries (VIDEO)