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Course Reports & Evaluation

Evaluation provides links to Course Reports, the Early Warning System, and the Performance Dashboard, which are used to view information about Student activity and content usage, and to be notified about performance based on criteria created by the instructor.

course reports & evaluation

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Course Reports

Instructors can use the Tracking Reports area to generate reports on the Course usage and activity.  Instructors can view specific students' usage determine if students are actively using the Course.  The report appears in the form of graphical charts.

Please not that, when viewing reports that include hits or access statistics, a hit is tracked every time a request is sent to UTC Learn.  For example, when tracking use of the Communication Area:  a Student accesses the Communication area (1-hit), clicks Discussion Boards (2-hits), clicks a Forum (3-hits), and clicks a message to read (4-hits).

Available Tutorial:  Create Grade Reports (PDF)

Available Videos:  Turning On Statistics Tracking for a Content Item (VIDEO),  Running and Saving a Course Report (VIDEO)

Early Warning System

The Early Warning System helps Instructors recognize when a performance problem is emerging or becoming more serious.  Instructors use this rule-driven communication tool to send email messages to students (and their observers) when Early Warning System rule criteria are met.  Rules are created by Instructors and can be based on a test score, calculated column, due date, or Course access.

The Instructor can communicate a warning in an email message to the student only, to a parent or advisor that is assigned as an Observer, or both.  The Instructor can use the default message or edit it.  The Notification History creates a record for each Early Warning message sent.

When using the Early Warning System, keep the following in mind:

  • The Early Warning System does not continuously monitor the course.  The Instructor must refresh the Early Warning System rules periodically to discover incidents that trigger a warning.  The Early Warning System does no automatically notify Students and Observers; the instructors send notification email messages from the Review Rules Status page.

In the Performance Dashboard, the Early Warning Column shows the number of warnings for a student and the total number of rules that may trigger a warning.  Clicking on the data in this column will open the Early Warning System.  The Early Warning System column displays only if the tool is turned on in the course.

Available Tutorial:  Early Warning System (PDF)

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard provides instructors with a window into all types of user activity in a Course or Organization.  All users enrolled in the Course are listed, with pertinent information about that user's progress and activity in the Course.

The numbers provided in the Review Status column of the Performance Dashboard indicate the number of items that the STudent has marked as Reviewed.

Using Adaptive Release rules in a Course creates multiple tracks for students to progress through.  This allows for the possibility that each student will have a different requirement for marking certain items in a Course as Reviewed.  At any time in a Course, items in a student's track may or may not be visible to them.  The Performance Dashboard provides an at-this-moment view of the item availability and the student's progress on reviewing items.

The Review Status indicator links to a list of the items that the user sees as Reviewed and Mark Reviewed in the Course.  The Review Status column is only visible if Review Status has been enabled for the Course.

Available Video:  Performance Dashboard (VIDEO)