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UTC Learn provides multiple tools for professors and students to communicate with each other.  Some of these tools include Announcements, E-mail, and Messages.

What would you like to do?
-Create an Announcement
-Send an Email
-Send a Message 



The Announcements Tool in UTC Learn is a great way to communicate with students.  In the previous version of UTC Learn the course usually opened to the Announcements page.  For those instructors who prefer to have the Announcements as the course entry point they may do this easily by changing the entry point.

Available Tutorial:  Create Announcement (PDF)

Available Videos:  Creating Announcements (VIDEO),  Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course (VIDEO)


Instructors can send email messages to other course members' external email addresses within UTC Learn.  Emails are sent to individual users or to groups of users within the course, such as all Teaching Assistants.  A copy of this email is sent to the send by default.

You can send emails to the following people in a course:

  • All Users:  Sends an email to all users in the course.
  • All Groups:  Sends an email to all of the groups in a specified course.
  • All Student Users:  Sends an email to all students in the course.
  • All Teaching Assistant Users:  Sends an email to all of the Teaching Assistants in a specified course.
  • All Instructor Users:  Sends an email to all of the instructors for a specified course.
  • All Observer Users:  Sends an email to all of the observers for a specified course.
  • Single / Select Users:  Sends an email to select users.
  • Single / Select Groups:  Sends an email to select groups.
  • Single / Select Observer Users:  Sends an email to a single observer or select observers in the course.

NOTE:  Recipients of each email will not see the email addresses of other recipients.  You cannot send an email to others using the Internet with the Send Email function.

Before You Begin:

  • UTC Learn keeps no record of sent emails.  You will receive a copy of your email in the inbox of your external email account.  Archive a copy of important messages in case you need them at a later date.
  • UTC Learn will NOT recognize files or email addresses with spaces or special characters, such as #, &, %, and $.  In general, use only alphanumeric file names and addresses in UTC Learn.
  • Do not send emails through UTC Learn without content in the subject line.  Leaving the subject line blank can prevent the message from being delivered.
  • All email will be sent from your official UTC email account to the recipient(s) official UTC email account.

Available Tutorial:  Send Email (PDF)


Messages are private and secure text-based communication that occurs within a course and among course members.  Although similar to email, users must be logged into the course to read and send Messages.  Students are not notified if they receive a new message; so advise them to make routine checks for new messages.

Messages are organized in folders, marked as Read or Unread, moved to other Folders, or Deleted.  The Messages are has two folders, Inbox and Sent that cannot be deleted or renamed.  To read Messages, click a Folder, locate the desired Message, and click the Subject link.

Available Tutorial:  Messages (PDF)