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Self and Peer Assessments

The Self and Peer Assessment tool is designed to help instructors enhance the reflective learning skills of students.  Students first respond to a set of questions that have been created by the instructor and then, review their peers' responses.  Reviewing the work of other students through criterion-based reference evaluation promotes constructive feedback.  The constructive feedback that students receive from their peers may also provide valuable insights into their own efforts.  The following tutorial demonstrate how to create a Self and Peer Assessment in UTC Online.

Available Tutorials:  Create Self and Peer Assessments (PDF),  Review Self and Peer Assessments (PDF)

*Note:  the Peer Assessment feature is not automatically available in UTC Learn.  The course instructor will have to make the Peer Assessment tool available before using it in their course.  To make this and other tools available, go to the Control Panel → Customization → Tool Availability → scroll to Self and Peer Assessment, check the availability box and click Submit