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Adding Content

Enrich your course with content selected and designed to reach course objectives and learning goals.  Add your syllabus, PowerPoints, URL links and more.  Enhance your course with YouTube videos, Flickr photos, or SlideShare presentations.

adding content

What do you want to do?


Building Content:  Add File

Use the Build Content function to add and organize course materials - documents, audio, links, folders, course links, YouTube Mashups, and more.

Simple Steps to Adding a File:  From the course menu select a Content Area (e.g. Syllabus or Assignments) → Select Build Content → select Item → Give it a name, description (instructions) and attach the file by browsing your computer → Submit

Available Tutorials:  Add File (PDF),  Attach Files to Course Item (PDF)

Using Folders or Learning Modules

Content items are containers that display content directly on the page or link to content.  To build your course, you may wish to add items and also attach documents and files (images, presentations, etc.) to those items.  Once created, items are added within content areas located in your main course menu.

Available Tutorials:  Create a Content Folder (PDF), Create Learning Modules (PDF)