Forms for Current and New UTC International Students

  1. New Semester Check-In Form for ALL international students (F1&J1)
  2. UTC Immunization Form
  3. Drivers License Letter Request for UTC International Students
  4. Change of Address Request
  5. New Semester Check-In Form for ESL students
  6. J1 Scholar Check-In Form
  7. New I-20(F1)/DS2019(J1) request form
  8. OPT Request Form
  9. Reduced Course Load Request form
  10. Change of Academic Major Request Form for undergradate students
  11. SEVIS I-20 Transfer Form
  12. Pre-Arrival Travel Form for new international students

  14. ESL Exit form
  15. Degree-Seeking International Students I-20 Extension Request Form
  16. ESL Students I-20 Extension Request Form
  17. Change of Status from F1 to F2 (Information)
  18. J1 Extension Policy and Procedure at UTC

  19. Part-Time Study Opportunities for F2

Required forms for Undergraduate Studies:

Required forms for Graduate Studies:

Please return completed forms to: 

Office of International Student and Scholar Services
Dept. 4755, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
648 Oak Street, 203 Race Hall, Chattanooga, TN 37403

Current International Students



Calculator and paper pictureAll international applicants requiring an I-20 should submit official proof of financial support before an I-20 will be issued.

The cost estimate of expenses is updated each academic year.  Official tuition rates are set each year by the UT Board of Trustees during the months of July/August.  Costs are subject to change without notice. 

Financial Proof:

  • Original document(s) issued directly from Bank (photocopies, scanned copies, and/or faxes are not accepted.
  • Written in English (any supplemental translations must be certified)
  • Funds must be “liquid” (such as checking or savings).  Business accounts or insurance policies are not accepted.
  • Indicate exact balance of the account
  • If not US currency, provide the exchange rate
  • Dated within 6 months of intending term beginning date
  • Certified document (all pages signed and stamped by a bank official in a color other than black)

[Assistantship or scholarship letters; loan or award letters stamped or certified by a lending institution; original bank letters signed by a bank official; original bank statements issued directly from the bank]

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