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Committee MembersFaculty Handbook Description of Integrated Studies Committee Responsibilities

The administration of the Bachelor of Integrated Studies program will be accomplished through a program coordinator. Faculty members comprising the Integrated Studies committee will have authority over functions related to the curriculum. The committee will review and approve the course of study developed by the student and the advisor. The primary purpose of the committee is to evaluate the degree plans and portfolios for those students seeking the Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree. The committee will assign appropriate individuals from its membership or appoint appropriate faculty to evaluate each proposed degree plan and final portfolio as they reach the committee. The portfolio reviewers will receive portfolio assessment training through the Teaching Resource Center.

Composition: Twelve (12) or more from academic departments as deemed necessary by the committee in consultation with the coordinator of Integrated Studies. At least two members should come from each of the following colleges: Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science, Business, and Health, Education, and Professional Studies; ex officio: Dean of the Library or designee.

2012 Committee Members

Joanie Sompayrac, JD, CPA (ACC, chair)

Ethan Carver, Ph.D. (BIO ENV SCI)

Ralph Covino, Ph.D. (HIST)

Stephen Craven, Ph.D. (ENEE)

Joe Dumas, Ph.D. (COMP SCI/ENGR)

Jennifer Ellis, Ph.D. (SOE)

Randy Evans, Ph.D. (MGT)

Kevin Ford, Ph.D. (MUS)

Tammy Garland, Ph.D. (CRMJ)

Marina Harris, Ed.D., RN (NURS)

Beverly Kutz, M.S. (LIB)

Burch Oglesby, Ph.D. (HHP)

Keith Richards, Ph.D. (MKT)

Cheryl Robinson, Ph.D. (SOE)

Tricia Thomas, Ph.D. (ENCH)

Coordinator of Integrated Studies (Gretchen Potts, Ph.D.)

Dean of the Library or designee (Theresa Liedtka, M.S., Dean)

Dean of Lifelong Learning or designee (Karen Adsit, Ed.D., Dean)