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AdvisingAdvising is an integral component of your degree. Here are the steps for advisement in Integrated Studies:


  1. Students interested should first visit our website and view the "Getting Started" video.
  2. After viewing the video, please complete and submit the Integrated Studies Inquiry Form.
  3. Madison will schedule an appointment with Dr. Potts or Dr. Patterson within 2 business days.
  4. Students are initially listed as Pre-BIS: Integrated Studies majors.
  5. Students must complete an application for acceptance into the program after completing 42 hours or one semester after switching to Pre-BIS. This application must be typed and submitted in Word format (either .doc or .docx).
  6. Applications are evaluated by the Integrated Studies Committee.
  7. Application submission deadlines are as follows:
  • Fall Semester: the Friday before Fall Break (10/16/2015)
  • Spring Semester: the Friday before Spring Break (3/11/2016)
  • Summer Semester: the first day of Summer II Session (6/29/2016)


Every semester, you will meet with your adviser to select your classes for the next term.  This will be done in a group advising session, with Dr. Potts and Dr. Patterson facilitating the session.