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The UTC Achieve Degree is an online degree completion program for working adults. Students who complete the program earn a Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree with a concentration in Professional Studies.

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Integrated Studies/UTC Achieve Degree is to provide a completion program for working adults who may have started a degree program and were unable to complete it.  The department serves non-traditional students in obtaining their degrees on-line to fit the students' non-traditional scheduling.  The department is one of many ways that UT Chattanooga provides wide access to higher education.  We are committed to a spirit of excellence and strive to help students succeed in achieving their educational goals.

Catalog Description: Bachelor of Integrated Studies: Professional Studies Concentration: This thematic concentration uses upper division courses in multiple disciplines to provide adult students with a framework for critical thinking, research, and professional communication.

Full-time students are expected to progress through the concentration in five semesters and meet on campus at least one time each semester for four hours, including the initial orientation. Part-time students should be able to complete the requirements in seven semesters.

If you have questions about the program, please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Sumer Patterson, at

The degree requirements are:

Total Credit Hours                                                         120
     General Education credit hours                               41
    *Concentration credit hours                                     45 (inc. capstone)
     Electives to complete 120 hours                              xx (variable)

Total hours must include:
      Upper division credit hours                                    39
      Upper division hours within integrated major     21

*Concentration Requirements:

     A. Core Courses (19 hours):

  1. Introduction to Online Learning (1 hr)
  2. Communication Courses (9 hrs)
  3. Organizational Studies Courses (9 hrs)

     B. Options (25 hours)

  1. Social Issues
  2. Technology (not currently available, but coming by Fall 2015)

     C. Capstone Course  (1 hr)


A detailed description of the courses can be found in the current UTC Catalog.