Technology in the Residence Halls

In the residence halls, every bed room has one network jack for plugging in a device for internet access. Also, all residence halls have full wireless coverage provided by the University. In order to provide a certain level of performance, functionality, and security across both wired and wireless networks in the residence halls there are some dos and don'ts as well as some points that should be considered in order to be considerate to other network users.


  • Bring any device you want. We allow video came consoles, TVs, BluRay players, computers, phones, tablets, etc. on the network.
  • Bring an ethernet cable.
  • If you want to bring a printer, make sure it plugs in through a USB cable.
  • Keep computers and devices up to date. Keeping patches current helps ensure a clean and safe device.


  • Don't use a router or other device that performs NAT or DHCP on your network jack. Network access will be removed when they are plugged in.
  • Don't run your own wireless network. This interferes with the university wireless and degrades performance for other users.
  • Don't use wireless printers. It is not possible to print to a printer that is on the wireless. Disable any wireless adapter that may be in the printer.
  • Don't use peer-to-peer software. Most of them will not work, however, if one does work network access will be removed when it is spotted.

General Considerations

  • If you want more than one device plugged into the network jack you are allowed to use a switch. There are some caveats to doing this. Please contact the IT Solutions Center with questions.
  • Plug in TVs and BluRay players and don't use them on wireless. Wireless is a shared medium. Performance will be better plugged in and your neighbors will love you for it.