Virus Protection

Your car, your home, you and your computer...are they really all that different?  All are about applying different levels of security to keep them safe from invaders.  To steal your car a thief would have to pick the lock on the door, trick the ignition and hijack the immobilizer, and maybe even disable a GPS tracker.  At home your more secure with your doors and windows locked until you need to use them....and especially if you go away for awhile.  Most homeowners and apartment-dwellers agree that you're more secure with some type of remote monitoring services, 24-7.   And for ourselves, you can't argue with a healthy lifestyle that helps to fend off viruses and other medical issues.  Security is all about understanding the value of the asset and then applying the necessary levels of protection. 

We are all safer from attacks at UTC if your computer has anti-virus protection.  Take action now and get the latest Anti-Virus software for your computer: 

Supported Antivirus Software for non-employees

The UTC network registration system supports several different antivirus programs. You should only have one antivirus program on your computer. If you don't have an antivirus program on your computer you can choose one from the Net Access web page.  If you already have an antivirus program make sure it is listed as a supported security application; of course, if it is not listed then it is not supported.

Note that Antivirus programs have a built in update application; which should be set to automatically download and install updates.