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Ten questions for the price of five

Cats or Dogs? Dogs Smokey is our great rescued dog that just turned 14.

Soda of choice? Classic Coca Cola

What would you choose for a super power?  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

What are some of your first memories of the internet? MilNet before it was reconfigured as the Internet . Using Prodigy for email

Current favourite gadget?  Nikon digital camera

What is your favorite condiment? Tobasco Sauce

What's the biggest technology change you've experienced? Increased data transfer by switching from copper  to fiber cable

Fill in the blank: When I am not working in the dungeon, I'm most likely sawing with a chain saw

If you were a detective, who would be your sidekick? Barney

Biggest advantage and disadvantage to working more with computers than people?  Computers are much less complicated than people