Sync Exchange Mail to Apple iOS


  1. Open Settings
  2. Select ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendars’
  3. Select ‘Add Account’
  4. Select ‘Exchange’
  5. Enter your UTC email address (ex.
  6. Enter your UTC password
  7. Under the ‘Domain’ field, enter ‘UTC’
  8. Under the ‘Username’ field, enter your UTC ID (ex. abc123)
  9. Under the ‘Server’ field, enter ‘’
  10. Select ‘Next’
  11. Select ‘Save’


“Username or password is incorrect”

  1. By default, the ‘Username’ field will be your UTC email address.
  2. Change the ‘Username’ field to ‘UTC\utcid’
    • Replace ‘utcid’ with your 6-character UTC ID (ex. abc123)
  3. If this does not correct your issue, you may need to reset your password: Change Your UTC Password