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These are the wireless networks currently available across the entire campus.  Outdoor wireless coverage is spotty at best as currently the only outdoor wireless is what bleeds out from buildings.  All buildings have wireless indoors.


Secure setup tool QR code

Scan for quick access to the secure setup tool

Will work for any internet connected device, even if it's on a cellular network.

This network started up in 2011 to replace the old unencrypted UTC wireless network.  This is the wireless network recommended for all users to use.  This network uses high encryption along with your UTCID and password to secure your communications over the air.  There is a little bit of set up to be done on the device before it will connect, but we provide an application that will take care of all the little details for you.  For easy access to the setup utility you can connect to the UTC-Secure-Setup wireless network or scan the QR code on this page.


This is the old original wireless network.  This network is unencrypted and all traffic is sent in plain text unless the service you are using specifically encrypts the traffic on its own (i.e https:// in the address bar).  This network is kept alive by some devices that are unable to use WPA2 Enterprise encrypted wireless networks.  It is highly recommended that all users use UTC-Secure as much as possible.


This wireless network exists solely to provide easy access to the setup utility for accessing the UTC-Secure wireless network.  There is only one website accessible through this wireless network.  Any attempts to browse a website while connected to UTC-Secure-Setup will automatically be redirected to the setup utility.  Running this utility will automatically disconnect your device from UTC-Secure-Setup and configure it to reconnect to the UTC-Secure wireless network in the future.


Eduroam is a secure, world-wide WiFi service intended for education and research communities.  Anyone that is part of a participating institution can connect to and use the eduroam wireless network at any other participating institutions anywhere in the world.  We have had local users go as far as Italy and verify that it works.  We have had visitors to our campus from other parts of the world including South Africa and it worked for them here.  Your computer must be configured to use this network before leaving.  Running the UTC-Secure setup utility will perform this setup for you.