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The Enterprise Applications Team

Hello and Welcome to the Enterprise Applications management group for UTC!

So really, what in the world do we do?

Wikipedia (yes, we're citing Wikipedia here; we just don't do it in academic or research papers) defines what we manage: "Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), is software used in organizations, such as in a business or government,[1] as opposed to software used by individuals. Enterprise software is an integral part of a (computer based) Information System."

Microsoft also has a good definition: "An enterprise application is a business application, obviously. As most people use the term, it is a big business application. In today’s corporate environment, enterprise applications are complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and mission-critical. They may be deployed on a variety of platforms across corporate networks, intranets, or the Internet. They are data-centric, user-friendly, and must meet stringent requirements for security, administration, and maintenance. In short, they are highly complex systems."

So what? What does this mean to you?

This means we manage many of the the applications that provide service in the following areas:

  • Business Process Analysis and Workflows

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • Identity and Access Management

And we're the ones who grade your Scantron exams in such a timely fashion!