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MocsPrint Mobile App

For answers to the most common questions, please refer to the MocsPrint Mobile FAQ.

Once you have the MocsPrint Mobile App from GoPrint, you can print websites, email, text, documents, photos and images, and items from your clipboard directly from your iOS or Android device.

Get The Mobile App

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can search the appropriate store for GoPrint or use the links below. Look for the GoPrint Breezy icon:

GoPrint Breezy icon    Icon for Apple App Store *  Icon for Goole Play Store*

* You may see a warning on each app store that says "If your institution is not listed, DO NOT buy the app". You can ignore this warning until UTC is added to the list. UTC is a GoPrint Mobile enabled campus and this app WILL work with our mobile enabled printers.

App Instructions

The instructions below will guide you through the printing process including how to claim your print job.

Email, Text, and Clipboard Printing

Use the built-in functionality of your mobile OS to highlight and copy specific text from emails, web pages, and other formats to MocsPrint Mobile's Clipboard.

Currently, printing directly from emails isn't supported. However, with the clipboard you can highlight the desired text from emails and print them with MocsPrint Mobile.

Document Printing

MocsPrint mobile document printing provides you the option to access and print documents from various sources. In addition to printing downloaded documents you may also select documents uploaded to your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box accounts.

iOS - Documents downloaded to your mobile device use the iOS built-in Open-In functionality. When opening a document, by tapping on the application bar the Open-In toolbar appears. When selecting, you're presented with the option to Open-In with GoPrint Mobile.

Hint: Android apps require that you have a file manager app installed on your device prior to performing this task. There are many free file manager apps available for Android.

Photo and Image Printing

Android provides users the ability to print photos and images to MocsPrint Mobile when a file manager app is installed.

Currently, the ability to print photos and images from an iOS devices isn't supported. As an option you can print your images using MocsPrint Mobile Document Upload. Refer to the instructions at ADD THIS LINK

Claiming Print Jobs with MocsPrint

All print job requests are assigned a secure release code. If you're printing from an app, then the release code is found under the Release Code section.

You must enter the code at a MocsPrint Paystation located in the print location you selected. When successful you can release your print jobs as you normally would from MocsPrint using your Mocs Card.

GoPrint Mobile App Walkthrough