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Communication Certification

The Office of Human Resources in collaboration with the UT Office of Employee & Organizational Development offers a Communication Certification for staff members who are interested in communication skills training. Focusing on both oral and written communication, the course offerings build a solid foundation for productive teamwork and essential communication skills.

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Customer Service

The Customer Service Certification is for employees interested in advancing their skills in customer service. The certification is geared towards the needs of employees who serve in administrative support roles and management positions. The purpose of this new certification is to provide training in service-related topics such as, establishing departmental standards; using technology for top-quality customer service; developing a positive, professional image; enhancing customer service relationships; creating satisfaction surveys, and more.

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Model-Netics presents a broad range of organizational and managerial concepts through models which function as guides to individual thought and action. Understanding and use of the models enables participants to effectively leverage knowledge gained from the program with past experience to improve communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The program is comprehensive and organized around ten topical sessions that cover the full range of administrative responsibilities and concerns.

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Seven Habits for Managers

Seven Habits for Managers applies methods from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to teach managers how to lead based on principles. It focuses on transforming principles that can lead you and your team to professional and personal success by learning how to communicate effectively; focus on critical priorities; increase productivity; raise the levels of trust and fulfillment within your team; define the contribution you want to make.

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Would you like to be effective in both your work and personal life? Do you wish you could get better results from the hours in your days and spend more time focusing on the most important and meaningful things? Dr. Stephen Covey, author and creator of the Seven Habits program, was recognized by TIME magazine as one of 25 Most Influential Americans. Stephen Covey spent decades observing highly effective people and discovered that they have several habits in common! Learn about these seven essential habits of highly effective people and how to incorporate them into your own life and work.

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STAR Achievement


Star Achievement was developed by Joan Burge, the founder of Office Dynamics and 25+ years experience in the administrative and training profession, for administrative professionals. The philosophy behind Star Achievement is that it takes a combination of skills, attitude, teamwork and strategies to stay on the cutting edge. The workshop builds on strategic fundamentals that result in increased productivity and job satisfaction.

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