Five Choices to Extraordinary Productivity


Nancy Badger, Counseling & Personal Development
Sheila Cagle, Disbursements
Sandra Cordell, College of Business
Todd Doman, Partnerships & Sponsored Programs
Andrea Evans, College of Business
Dawn Ford, Teaching Resource Center
Amie Haun, Accounting
Anne Jay, Athletics
Angie Johnson, Partnerships & Sponsored Programs
Jina Johnson, Human Resources/Payroll
Sandra Jones, College of Health, Ed, & Prof Studies
Becca McCashin, School of Education
Harriet Neely, Budget and Finance
Mary Ollie Newman, Development
Nikki Ownby, College of Business
Laura Perryman, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Laure Pou, Human Resources
Diane Reed, Enrollment Services
Roberta Thurmond, Information Technology
Monty Wilson (retired), Information Technology