Employee Relations

The University of Tennessee's employees are an important resource whose opinions and suggestions are valued. Therefore, each campus or institute has an employee relations advisory organization (ERAO) consistent with its organizational structure.  Each of these groups elects a representative to meet with the president and his or her staff at regular intervals.

This organization provides a direct channel of communication between regular staff and university officials for information and advisory purposes and provides university officials with an effective method of soliciting and disseminating information concerning plans and programs affecting employees.

Employee relations committees exist at each major management level.  Committees consist of a chairperson, a secretary, and an elected employee representative from each unit, geographical location, or job group.  They serve as advisory bodies to the chief administrator or senior administrator with respect to matters and conditions affecting employees. 

An Employee Relations Advisory Board (ERAB) exists at the university system level to serve as an advisory group to the president with respect to university policies, programs, and practices. This board consists of:

  • president or designee - chair
  • executive vice president
  • senior vice president and chief financial officer
  • general counsel
  • treasurer
  • chief human resources officer
  • board member from each campus or institute committee elected by committee members

Employee Surveys

A record 7,100 employees across the state participated in the UT Employee Engagement Survey back in November 2011. Here at UTC, 684 of us, that’s 62 percent, took the time to share feedback on topics ranging from compensation and performance evaluations to campus culture and work conditions.

Another survey was distributed in Fall, 2014.

To help UTC improve the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and administration, and to help support the UTC Strategic Plan Implementation Process, the UTC Center for Applied Social Research administered a Faculty/Staff Worklife and Diversity survey in 2008.