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Notary Public


A notary confirms the authenticity of a signature. A photo ID is required and signature must be made in the presence of a notary when requesting notarization of a document.  It is suggested that you phone prior to visiting an office to ensure that a notary will be available.


Center for International Education Building
Joyce Blevins, International Programs, 545 Oak Street, Room 202, 425-4735


Engineering Building
Donna Adams, Burkett Miller Chair of Excellence, 347 EMCS, 425-5206

Fletcher Hall
Michelle Walters, Management, 404 Fletcher Hall, 425-4123


Human Resources Center
Jina Johnson, Human Resources, 425-4221
Melanie Sadler, Human Resources, 425-4221
Jackie Strand, Human Resources, 425-4221
Kathy Taylor, Human Resources, 425-4221

Metro Building
Sarah Blackburn, Nursing, 310 Metro, 425-4750

Race Hall
Melanie Chubb, Records Office, 109 Race Hall, 425-4416
Squoia Holmes-Mayweather, Records Office, 109 Race Hall, 425-4416
Samantha Skidmore, Records Office, 109 Race Hall, 425-4416

University Center
Amber Beason, Financial Aid, 201 University Center, 425-5313
Nancy Neal, Bursar's Office, 274 University Center, 425-4474


updated February 13, 2015