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Health Insurance



NOTE: Cigna's network for 2016 will change to LocalPlus. CHI Memorial Health Care System and Facilities are NOT in the Cigna LocalPlus network. Services at any Memorial Health Care System/facilities will be considered out-of-network.


Regular full-time or regular part-time (75%+) appointments and eligible dependents may enroll in health insurance. The University pays 80% of the health insurance premium and the employee pays 20% (pre-tax). Coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following completion of one full calendar month of employment if all necessary forms are received by the Office of Human Resources. Premiums are paid a month in advance.


Dependent Eligibility Verification Documents
Please refer to this list for documents required for dependent eligibility verification. The employee has 60 days to provide a Social Security number for newborns or other dependents. Note: Documentation required for dependents must accompany paperwork.


Declining Coverage

If you decline coverage when first offered, you may apply during Annual Enrollment, or be eligible under a qualifying event. Contact Kathy Taylor at 425-4452 for information.


Transferring Plans
Transferring health insurance plans may be done only during Annual Enrollment. This is the only time of the year when participants can make changes in their insurance coverage. Changes in coverage will become effective on January 1.


Canceling Insurance
Cancellation is not permitted outside of Annual Enrollment unless the covered person experience a qualifying event or family status change.


Partnership Promise

The Partnership PPO and Standard PPO cover the same types of services. If you choose the Partnership PPO, you must commit to a Partnership Promise, and the State will reward you with lower monthly premiums; lower annual deductible; lower pharmacy copays; lower co-insurance; lower out-of-pocket maximums.


Both you and your spouse, if enrolled, have to meet the Partnership Promise in order to remain in the Partnership PPO. Children, regardless of age, do not have to fulfill the Partnership Promise. If you cannot fulfill the Partnership Promise because of a physical or mental health condition, your health coach will work with you to come up with a different way to keep your Promise.


If you do not fulfill the Partnership Promise and are transferred to the Standard PPO, you must wait one year before you are eligible to enroll in the Partnership PPO again. The plans will continue to pay eligible claims for the calendar year, even if you do not meet the Partnership Promise. If the head of contract fulfills the Partnership Promise but the dependent spouse does not, the head of contract may re-enroll in the Partnership PPO the following year ONLY if the non-compliant spouse is dropped from coverage.