Flexible Benefits Plans

Enrollment is online at www.healthhub.com. You will need your personnel number, which is located underneath your name on your pay advice. Even if you participated in Flexible Benefits last year, you must enroll each year you wish to participate.

Flexible Benefits Plans permits the University to exclude, from both Federal Income and Social Security taxes, premiums paid by you for group medical insurance, dental insurance and amounts you contribute to a medical and/or dependent care reimbursement account. By enrolling in the Medical Reimbursement Plan or Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan or both plans, you can designate a fixed dollar amount to be set aside annually for dependent care and/or medical expenses. View a list of eligible medical and dependent care expenses. As expenses are incurred, the University reimburses you for those expenses. Payments can be made via the card provided or you can make the payments and request reimbursement from the funds in your account. Employees may enroll when first eligible or during the Flexible Benefit Enrollment period, with an effective date of January 1st. Keep in mind that if you enroll in the new CDHP (Consumer-Driven Health Plan) and choose an HSA (Health Savings Account) you cannot enroll in a full scope medial FSA (Flexible Savings Account) and your spouse cannot have a full scope FSA either.

Maximum Limits for Flexible Spending Accounts

Effective January 1, 2013, the Flexible Benefits annual maximum contribution amount for healthcare and medical expenses will be $2,500, per IRS regulations. The Flexible Benefits annual maximum contribution amount for dependent care expenses is $5,000. You cannot use Flexible Benefits Dependent Care and take a tax credit on your tax form for the same dependent day care expenses.


Benefits of PayFlex
Based upon employee suggestions and advice from Human Resources, the University of Tennessee decided to outsource the administration of our medical and dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) program.  After a competitive procurement process, a company called PayFlex was awarded the contract. 
The benefits of the program are: faster reimbursement; faster claims submission; online planning tools, including savings calculators that will assist you in determining the amounts to contribute to your plan and the estimated tax savings; HealthHub, the PayFlex website, where you can view account balances, claim history, or amounts deducted from your pay. View a tutorial on PayFlex.


Use the PayFlex card for point of sale purchases
The PayFlex card provides a simple way to spend the money in your PayFlex account by electronically accessing the money loaded onto the card, when used to pay for eligible expenses. All you need to do is select your eligible item, swipe your card, and save your receipt! Select "credit" when using the card, there is no PIN number to enter and will not work when processed as a debit card.


Using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) with your Debit Card
PayFlex cards may be used as "debit" or "credit." This change is part of the Durbin Amendment law. This law will reduce the amount that merchants have to pay for their credit card fees. In fact, a merchant may require you to choose "debit" and not let you use "credit." If you use "debit," then you will need a PIN. A PIN is required to complete a debit transaction. This is true for any location that accepts your PayFlex Card - pharmacies, doctors' offices, other health care locations, day care providers, etc.


Debit Card Activation
New debit cards will not be pre-activated. You will get a replacement card when your current card expires or if you report your card as lost or stolen. Each card will have an activation label with instructions. It will also have the toll-free number to call. You will call 1-877-261-9951 to activate your card.


Use the PayFlex mobile app
Now you have real-time access to your FSA account wherever you go. The PayFlex mobile applications is on iPhone®, BlackBerry®, and Andriod® smartphones. Read MORE...


HealthHub's electronic notification service
eNotify is HealthHub's electronic notification service that is used to provide updates on your account balance (Balance Reminder), notifies you when your claim has been received (Claim Received) and when it has been processed (Explanation of Payment), and alerts you when additional documentation is needed for your PayFlex Card transactions (Receipt Request Letter). You choose which notifications you want to receive as well as when and how you want to receive them. To enroll in eNotify, login to your HealthHub account and select My Settings > Notifications/Email Address and follow instructions.


HealthHub Quick Reference Guide
View this guide for information on setting up an account; receiving alerts; filing claims when not using the PayFlex card; enrolling in Direct Deposit; shopping online using the PayFlex card; ordering additional PayFlex cards.