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Room Assignment Information for

Current Students


  • 14/15 Waiting list update:

    • This list is for current (upperclassmen) students only.  Incoming freshmen are required to live on-campus and are guaranteed housing.

    • To be on the waiting list you must have submitted a 14/15 housing application and paid the $225 pre-payment.

    • We will assign students based on their application complete date, starting at January 31st.

    • Assignments will be made as cancellations come in.

    • There is only one waiting list for campus. We do not have waiting lists for individual buildings.

    • When it comes time to assign a student, we will look at that students individual building preference and the current room availability.

    • Building preferences are not guaranteed and are subject to room availability.

    • As of July 21st, we have been able to assign 90% of those on the waiting list to rooms.  We continue to make assignments based on the earliest application dates. 


  • Off-Campus Housing - to find available off campus housing click the Off-Campus Housing link under the current student menu on the left.


  • Summer Housing information - click the Summer Services link in the left menu.


  • Room changes – for questions about room changes during the semester please speak with your Resident Director.


  • Room selection for current students will occur March 3-7, 2014 for the 2014/2015 academic year.

      • 14/15 ROOM SELECTION CLOSED on 3/5/14 at 3:30pm, at this time all spaces for current/returners have been filled. Please review the guide below for waiting list information.

      • Click here for the  Room Selection Guide