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Showroom Contest Information

***The showroom contest has closed for the 2015/2016 academic year.  The showroom contest for 2016/2017 will open in the Spring of 2016.


If chosen, your apartment will serve as the showroom for your complex.  This means that potential students, parents and other visitors will tour your apartment on a daily basis to gain a better understanding of housing at UTC and, in turn, this opportunity will make you, your roommates and your apartment representatives of UTC. Although you will not be charged with guiding visitors through your apartment, serving as a showroom does come with requirements, responsibilities and benefits.  Read through them carefully before submitting your application.


  • For the 2015/2016 academic year, you must reside in Boling, Johnson Obear, Lockmiller or UC Foundation specific show rooms
  • You must reside in a four-person apartment
  • All residents of the apartment must agree to serve as the showroom for your assigned complex.  If a change in occupancy occurs, the new roommate must also agree to participate.
  • All roommates must consent to the Admissions Office possessing keys (keys will be provided by Residence Life) and gaining access to the apartment during specified tour times and special events.


  • The apartment must be kept clean and smell good at all times.
  • Decorations should be appropriate for visitors and should promote UTC.
  • No illegal, offensive or prohibited items should be in the apartment.
  • The apartment must be available for tours on a daily basis.  Specific dates and times will be determined by admissions. Advanced notice will be given for special events.


  • Each resident of the apartment will receive a discount price on the price of the room for the fall and spring semesters. The discount will equal half of the total room price for your complex and will be paid in the form of a scholarship.
  • You will play an integral part in shaping visitor's opinions and attitudes toward UTC, Housing and Residence Life, and the Admissions Office.

Room Judging:

  • Apartment visits and judging will take place between February 9th-13th. Specific times and dates will be emailed once applications have been received.
    • At least one resident have to be home during judging! If all four roommates do not currently live together, the selection committee will visit each applicant's room.
    • The 4 groups that win will be assigned in the following complexes : Boling, Lockmiller, Johnson Obear and a South Campus complex

Apartments will be judged on the following categories:

Cleanliness, smell, uniqueness, organization, layout, style and spirit.