Room Selection Check List for Current Residents

Application & Reservation Fee

  1. Log in to “Manage My Housing
  2. Complete application & Pay Reservation Fee
    • Under the application tab click “Apply Now”
      1. Select Returning Student Application
      2. Submit all information. It is not necessary to add preferences at this time.
  3. You will select building and/or roommates during room selection.
    • Under the Make Payment Tab, pay the $225 reservation fee by February 28th
    • Acceptable forms of payment:
      • Credit Card – Visa or MasterCard, paid through manage my housing
      • Money Order – mail or hand delivered to the Main Housing office in Stacey TownCenter. Make M.O. out to HOUSING DEPARTMENT 2202.

Preparing for Room Selection

  1. Reference Housing Website for additional information before March 4th!
  2. Watch Educational Video. Go to – Educate Yourself – Educational Videos - How to Select a room
  3. Read Housing Contract for 2013/2014 online. Go to – Educate Yourself – Housing Contracts – 2013/2014 Contract
  4. Review 2013/2014 Housing Rates.
  5. Review building layouts/floor plans.

View Screen Name

  1. Log in to “Manage My Housing” from
  2. Screen name appears in middle of the screen.
  3. *The screen name will appear in the upper right hand corner of the blue bar on forms such as: application, maintenance requests, roommate information, and making payments.

Change/Create Screen Name

  1. Log in to “Mange My Housing”
  2. Under the “Screen Name” tab, select “screen name.”
  3. Enter current screen name. *If creating screen name for the first time, leave “current screen name” line blank.
  4. Enter desired screen name and confirm screen name. Click continue
  5. New screen name will now be viewable from main page and on housing forms in “Manage My Housing.”

Collect Information for Roommate Pull In

Only 1 person needs to log in and select rooms for all roommates:

  1. Roommate(s) Screen name & UTC ID Room Selection
  2. Log in on designated selection date
  3. Click Self Assignment
  4. Click General Room Selection
  5. Read Contract, click continue
  6. Read Housing Handbook, click continue
  7. Read Cancellation Policy, click continue
  8. Select a Complex
  9. Select a Term & Building & Gender, click continue
  10. Find available rooms
  11. Lock available room (you will have 5 minutes from this point to finish)
  12. Select bed space
  13. Pull in roommate(s)
  14. Enter Screen Name & UTC ID for each roommate
  15. Select Meal Plan (all on-campus residents must have a meal plan)
  16. Confirm and view receipt


  1. Each roommate will need to log in by Monday, March 11th to complete the following:
    • Read and agree to contract
    • Select a meal plan

Waiting List

Waiting List – If space is not available on-campus you may choose to be placed on the waiting list. Go to the Housing website, under On-Line Services and complete the Waiting List form. Students on the waiting list will be placed in the order they signed up. If you have a room assignment for 2013/2014 your waiting list request will be denied. We will not be able to accommodate room changes from March – August.

Additional Tips

  1. For roommate pull-in, only one person needs to log in, select rooms and pull in roommates. You must have their SCREEN NAME AND UTC ID in order to do so.
  2. If a rising sophomore wants to live with an upperclassman they will have to wait to complete room selection until the upperclassmen date.
  3. *All roommates must be eligible for room selection on the date in order to complete the roommate pull in.
  4. Once you have completed the room selection process you will NOT be able to change rooms or complexes.