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Honors College Planning Committee

The following are members of the Honors College Planning Committee and will act in part as representatives to their academic units regarding the planning activities of the College:


  • Linda Frost, co-chair
  • Greg O’Dea, co-chair
  • Pam Ashmore, Anthropology
  • Tim Gaudin, Biology
  • Gary Liguori, Health and Human Performance
  • Irv Resnick, Philosophy and Religion
  • Keith Richards, Business
  • Valerie Rutledge, Dean, CHEPS
  • Jocelyn Sanders, Academic Affairs
  • Manuel Santiago, Chemistry
  • Joanie Sompayrac, Business, Brock Scholars
  • Chris Stuart, English
  • Cecilia Wigal, Engineering
  • Beverly Kutz, Lupton Library


  • Robert Fisher (SGA President)
  • Saba Munir (Brock Scholars Student Council President)
  • Stephen Palmer (SGA Vice President)