2015 HHP Faculty Accomplishments

College Awards

-Dr. Burch Oglesby, Outstanding Service and Outreach

-Dr. Marisa Colston, Outstanding Service and Outreach

-Dr. Gary Wilkerson, Outstanding Research and Scholarship

-Dr. Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, Outstanding Research and Scholarship

-Dr. Drew Bailey, Outstanding Teaching and Advising


UTC Awards

-Dr. Carrie Baker, Faculty Development Grant

-Dr. Marisa Colston, UTC nominee for SoCon Faculty of the Year award

-Dr. Gary Wilkerson, namedUTC Scholar, Holmberg grant recipient, and named Data Science faculty fellow for the Big Data & Analytics Research Center

-Dr. Drew Bailey, named ThinkAcheive Faculty Fellow and received ThinkAcheive grant

-Dr. Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, named Data Science faculty fellow for the Big Data & Analytics Research Center

-Joanna Stephanos, Blue Ribbon Award



Tate J, Baker CS, Dale B. Expert Versus Novice Intraraterand Interrater Reliability of the Frontal Plane Projection Angle During a Single Leg Squat.  International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training. (In-Press).

Howard-Baptiste, S.D., Schmidt, C., McNulty, B., & Harvey, J. (Winter, 2014). Creating a Critical Health Curriculum in Haiti. Academic Exchange Quarterly: Issues and Trends in 21st Century Centers, v18 (4).  

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Randles, A., Gust, A., and Liguori, G. Assessment of Healthful Food Choices and Nutritional Information on Kid’s Restaurant Menus'. International Journal of Health and Nutrition. (In-press).


Textbooks and Book Chapters

-Howard-Baptiste, S.D. & Baptiste, M. (2015).  Pitipitiwazo fe nich li (Little by Little, the bird builds its nest): Promoting Change and Health Education in Post-Earthquake Haiti. In Innovative Collaborative Practice and Reflection in Patient Education.

-ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 10th edition. Sr. Ed: Riebe D.; Ed’s: Ehrman J, Liguori G.Magal M. Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore. (In-progress) 

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Invited Presentations

-Baker CS, Wilkerson GBClinical Applications of Injury Risk Screening Methods.  National Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Convention and Symposium. St. Louis MO, June 2015. Invited Speaker, Evidence Based Forum Platform

-Wilkerson, GB. Ankle Biomechanics and Sprains. Tennessee Physical Therapy Association Orthopedics Symposium, Chattanooga, TN, May 2015.

-Wilkerson, GBReduction of Risk for Progressive Ankle Dysfunction. University of Arkansas Razorback Sports Medicine Symposium, Fayetteville, AK, January 2015.

-Wilkerson, GBA Patient-Centered Approach to the Process of Making Clinical Decisions. University of Arkansas Razorback Sports Medicine Symposium, Fayetteville, AK, January 2015.

-Wilkerson, GBCognitive Aspects of Visual-Motor Performance: Managing Injury Risk. Advances in Visual-Motor & Neurocognitive Training Conference, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, October 2014.

-Wilkerson, GBEffects of Sleep, Diet, and Mental State on Visual-Motor and Neurocognitive Performance, Advances in Visual-Motor & Neurocognitive Training Conference, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, October 2014.

-Wilkerson, GBSmartTeams™ Youth Football Pilot Program Implementation. MomsTEAM Institute Youth Sports Health & Safety Conference, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, September 2014.

-Wilkerson, GBRelationship of Core Stability to Lower Extremity Biomechanics. Annual Clinical Symposium of American Society of Orthopaedic Assistants and National Association of Orthopaedic Technologists, Atlanta, GA, July 2014.

-Liguori, G. ACSM Scientific Roundtable: Controversy in Pre-participation Physical Activity Screening. Indianapolis, IN, June 2014 


Peer-Reviewed Presentations

Baker CS, Capilouto G, Usher E, Uhl T, Mattacola CG, McKeon PO, Medina McKeon JMResponsiveness of the Self-Efficacy of Balance Scale (SEBS) and the relationship between the SEBS and measures of self-reported function and objective measures of balance in high school female basketball players. National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting, St. Louis MO, June 2015. Thematic Poster Oral Presentation

Obrien, E., Rutledge, V., Brower, J., McDonald, S., Ezell, G.Harvey, J., Crawford, B., Rausch, D., & Bailey, A. (2014). Facilitating Students’ Career Development Through Community Engagement Placements and Work Embedded Experiences.  Conference for the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities; Syracuse, NY, 2014.

Bailey, A. (2014). Physiological impacts of adventure activities: Is it all in our minds? Wilderness Risk Management Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2014.

Bailey, A. W. & Kang, H. K. (2014). Self-related motivational aspects of hindsight bias among soccer athletes. Presentation for the 19th Annual Congress East Asia Sport Exercise Science Society 2014, Busan, Korean.

Bailey, A. (2014). Measuring the Impact of Daily Routine and Psychological Resources on Life Satisfaction and Happiness.  International Conference for the Association of Experiential Education, Chattanooga, TN; November,2014.

Bailey, A.Ruffrage, N., & Lewis, T.G. (2014). You have a degree in what? Justifying academic and professional preparation in experiential education.  International Conference for the Association of Experiential Education, Chattanooga, TN; November, 2014.

Wilkerson, GB. Emerging Techniques in Injury Risk Assessment: New Tools for Risk Stratification. Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, San Diego, CA, May 2015.

Wilkerson, GBPrevention of Chronic Ankle Dysfunction.Annual Meeting of the Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association, Atlanta, GA, March 2015.

Wilkerson, GBCurrent Evidence for Management of Posterior Tibialis Tendinopathy. American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, February 2015.

Wilkerson, GBNeurocognitive Aspects of Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation: Pre-Participation Screening Procedures and Estimation of Injury Risk. National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN,June 2014.

Wilkerson, GB.  Pre-participation Functional Status Survey for Assessment of Injury Risk. National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, June 2014.

Liguori, G. & Estes, S. Mentoring Kinesiology Faculty Into the Department Chair Role. NAKHE Annual Conference, Clearwater FL, January 2015.

Liguori, G.Bailey, A., & Heath, GW. The University-Community Connection to Healthy Living. CUMU Annual Conference, Syracuse NY, Oct. 2014.


External Contracts and Grants

Bailey, A. (2014). Economic Impact of IRONMAN Chattanooga. Report contracted by the Chattanooga Sports Committee.