Physical Activity and Health

The Physical Activity and Health (PA&H) program is designed to prepare graduates to work in the areas of community and public health, within the public, private, and government sectors.  There is ample opportunity for hands-on experience through practicums and Individual Study, and a Thesis option for those students interested in going on to a doctoral program.  The PA&H program is a cohort design, thereby emphasizing full-time students who can begin studies in the Fall of each academic year.

Admission to the PA&H MS program is as follows:

All interested students must first be accepted to the UTC Graduate School (, which requires a $35 (domestic students) and $40 (international students) fee to apply.

Complete applications to the UTC Graduate School should include:

  1. Cover letter - include a statement indicating interest in PA&H
  2. Three (3) professional letters of recommendation (at least two from university faculty)
  3. Resume/CV
  4. Transcripts of all previous undergraduate work completed
  5. GRE scores from within the past 5 years

To be considered for admission into the PA&H program, applicants must have at minimum:

  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA > 3.0
  • GRE scores at or above the 25th percentile
  • A cover letter indicating interest in and knowledge of PA&H
  • At least two of the three reference letters from a university faculty member

The above criteria qualify an applicant for CONSIDERATION as a candidate, but do not guarantee admission. Other factors, including faculty advisee load, applicant letter of interest, and more will also be considered for admission.

For those students interested in a graduate assistantship award in PAH/HHP, please contact the HHP Graduate Program coordinator Dr. Colston, or the HHP Department Head Dr. Liguori.



(36 total credit hours are required)

Core Courses

HHP 5550 Introduction to Epidemiologic Methods (3 hrs)

HHP 5830 Research Methods (3hrs)

HHP 5490 Physical Activity and Public Health (3 hrs)

HHP 5495 Physical Activity and Public Health Graduate Seminar (1 hr)

HHP 5492 Health Promotion Program Planning and Evaluation (3 hrs)

HHP 5491 Sedentary Behavior (3 hrs)

HHP 5680 Health Behavior Change (3 hrs)

HHP 5370 Community Nutrition (3 hrs)

HHP 5781r Practicum in Physical Activity and Public Health (6 hrs)

HHP 5998r Research (3 credit hours) or

HHP 5999r Thesis (6 credit hours)


Master Course Rotation Schedule


Spring ODD

HHP 5500 Epidemiology

HHP 5490 PA&PH

HHP 5200 Health Behavior Change

HHP 5491 Sedentary Behavior

HHP 5830 Research Methods




Fall ODD

Spring EVEN

HHP 5370 Community Nutrition

HHP 5492 Program Planning

HHP 5830 Research Methods


HHP 5495 Seminar (1) (Heath)