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History of Advanced Degree Programs

 The first advanced degree program, theology, was offered in 1886 when The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga was known as Chattanooga University. The degree in theology was followed by advanced degrees in medicine and law. In 1910, advanced degrees were discontinued at the institution.

It was not until 1942 that a post baccalaureate degree, as we know it, was offered. The master’s degree in music was approved in 1942 and was followed in 1948 by a master’s degree in education. After this modest beginning in the 1940s and 1950s, the University added four or five graduate programs each decade until the 1990s when it added six new programs. Currently, there are 15 graduate certificates, 20 master's degrees, one education specialist, and four doctoral degree programs.

When The University of Chattanooga and City College merged with The University of Tennessee in 1969, the merger agreement stated that UTC would “become a doctoral-granted institution as soon as practicable.” UTC awarded its first doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Computational Engineering in December 2004.



1886                   Advanced degree in Theology

1889-1907        Only advanced degrees-Medicine, Law, Theology

1910                   Advanced degrees, discontinued

1942                   Master of Music

1948                   Master of Education in

          • Elementary, Secondary
          • Administration and Supervision
          • Educational Psychology

1956                   Master of Music, discontinued

1961                   Master of Business Administration

1963                   Cooperative Engineering Master’s with UTK

1973                   Master of Education in Community Counseling

1975                   Master of Science: Psychology

1976                   Master of Education in Special Education

1978                   Master of Criminal Justice

1978                   Master of Science in Engineering

1979                   Master of Music, reactivated

1980                   Master of Science in Computer Science

1983                   Master of Arts in English

1986                   Master of Public-Administration

1989                   Master of Science in Engineering Management

1991                   Master of Science in Nursing

1992                   Master of Accountancy

1996                   Master of Science in Environmental Science

1998                   Master of Science in Athletic Training

1998                   Education Specialist in Advanced Educational Practice

1998                   Master of Physical Therapy

2003                   Doctor of Physical Therapy

2004                   Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Engineering

2004                   Doctor of Education in Learning and Leadership

2011                   Doctor of Nursing Practice

2012                   Doctor of Occupational Therapy