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Opportunities to Re-apply to the UTC GATP


The files of applicants who were not offered a position into the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program will be held for one (1) year.  Should an individual decide to reapply for a position the next year, the candidate will need to notify the Director of Recruitment of his/her interest to reapply and be considered for a position in the GATP.  Additionally the applicant will need to resubmit an On-line Athletic Training Applicant Information Form and reapply to the Graduate School, (but you do not need to pay the application fee again, if it has been paid previously). 


The file from the previous year will be reactivated and considered once again for admission.  The candidate will not need to resubmit all of the required materials.  Exceptions include:


  • there is information that has been updated and/or is more current
  • there is additional information which may further enhance a candidate’s folder


Candidate’s files extending beyond one year will be permanently deactivated; future interests by those candidates will require the full application process.