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Post-Admission Requirements


Once you have been recommended to become a part of the UTC GATEP, there are several requirements that must be fulfilled before beginning of clinical rotation experiences in late July.  Most of these requirements will be addressed when you arrive on campus for the summer session of classes.  

You are NOT to complete these requirements when you apply to the program or to the Graduate School.

The only post-admission requirement a GATEP student must complete is the Criminal Background Check, which is due in early May.

Items that you will need to complete once you begin classes in late June/early July are listed below:

  • Clinical Health Requirements
    • Completion of UTC GATEP Medical History Form with immunization information
      • MMR immunization record or proof of immunity
      • Varicella zoster (chicken pox) immunization record or proof of immunizations


  • Current CPR Certification (online CPR courses are not accepted).
    • Students are required to be certified in CPR prior to entering the GATEP.
    • Upon entering the GATEP, students will be recertified in CPR prior to the start of the clinical experience.
      • Recertification will be Health Care Provider certification for CPR by the American Heart Association as required by our sports medicine and medical partners


  • Student Liability Insurance 
    • This insurance can be purchased through the UTC Bursar's Office; hence, we recommend you purchase your student liability insurance at Healthcare Providers Service Organization:


  • Drug screen - 7 panel screen
  • OSHA/TOSHA fit-testing for N95 particular respirator mask (includes respirator training)
  • TB skin test
    • Must be negative within the past 12 months and proof of test and test results if test is done prior to coming to UTC
    • Annually required


  • Regulatory Orientation Modules on TCPS website
    • Annually required


  • Signed HIPAA/Privacy/Confidential Form
  • Signed Code of Conduct Form
    • Student Policy Manual & CIP Signature Page


  • Second OSHA - Blood-Borne Pathogens Training Completed Form


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