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Policy & Deadlines

The UTC GATP has a rolling admission process in which we accept applications from August until the GATP faculty believe enough quality applicants have been submitted to the program from which to select candidates to fill the available spots.  Generally, we stop accepting applications around February each year. 


Every year the UTC GATP receives interest from 150-180 candidates.  Of these potential students, approximately 120 will make application, of which 90 or so will have completed application files.  From these completed applications the selection process will take place, so that students will be selected for Skype interviews.  Based on the Skype interviews students will be selected for the on-campus interview option.  Students invited for an on-campus interview will have an opportunity to come to campus for one of two designated dates, (one in the fall and one in the spring).  For further information, please see the Campus Visitation tab.