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Applicant Evaluation Process


Applicants are evaluated on the following:

        1. On-line Athletic Training Applicant Information Form submitted
        2. All application material completed and sent to Graduate School (see checklist)
        3. Folder Review by program faculty
          • GPA (Higher GPA = higher possible points)
          • GRE Score (Although a minimum score on the GRE is not required, the better an applicant scores on the GRE, the greater the number of points awarded)
          • Advanced Academic Preparation (Receive an additional point for each advance science and math course taken and passed)
          • Prerequisite courses descriptions are required at the time of application (Course syllabi may need to be submitted up request by program faculty
          • Cover letter and resume
        4. Graduate Applicant Evaluation
          • Skype Interview
          • Letters of Recommendation

Applicants with higher scores on their application evaluation may receive an early recommendation for a position into the UTC GATP.  A candidate whose initial score was not sufficient for a recommendation for a position into the GATP will be kept on file and considered if positions remain open.  Candidates not accepted into the program will receive notification through a letter from the Graduate School.


Once an applicant receives an invitation into the UTC GATP, he/she will be given two (2) weeks to make a decision to accept or decline the offer.  In the case where an applicant does not reply back within the two-week time frame, then the position becomes vacant again and an invitation will be made to a different applicant.  Should the initial applicant express his/her interest in the position after the two-week time frame has expired, the program faculty will determine whether or not to offer another position to this candidate.