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Criminal Background Check


UTC Athletic Training Education Program Criminal Background Checks



The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) requires verification of competency of all individuals who have direct contact with patients or employees; this includes students doing clinical rotations in a healthcare facility. Competency extends beyond technical skills to an individual’s criminal history.


Effective Fall 2005 semester, criminal background checks for all newly admitted students will be implemented. Successful completion of a criminal background check is required for placement at a clinical site that has a JCAHO requirement for criminal background checks.

Background checks will be honored for the duration of the student’s enrollment in the clinical program if the participating student has not had a break in the enrollment at the college/school. A break in enrollment is defined as nonattendance of one full semester or more. The above information must be verifiable through the college/school and must be sent to the clinical agency.



  • Go to:
  • Under the "Links" tab on the lower right hand corner, click on the button labeled “Student Background Checks
  • Enter the code BBVTR-28773
  • Create an account
  • Enter all required information
  • Provide supporting documentation
  • Track your progress
  • Information will automatically be shared with your school




  • A GATEP faculty member will receive a report, indicating your status.
  • The only information the ATEP faculty member will receive is a color-coded rating affiliated with the student’s name. The rating system is as follows:
    • Green: no problems
    • Yellow : student has to get clearance from the criminal background check organization; It is the student’s responsibility to clear his or her record. Until your record is cleared, you will not be allowed to be placed in a site that has the JCAHO requirement.
    • Red: student can not participate in a clinical education experience that has a JCAHO requirement for criminal background checks.

Allocation of Cost

  • Cost of the criminal background check is approximately $65.00 and will be the responsibility for any students beginning in the Athletic Training Education Program .