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The general education curriculum lies at the heart of the university's mission, providing not just a foundation for academic study but also the tools and intellectual experiences to promote learning long after its students have left campus.  The UTC faculty believes that this curriculum can expand our students'  knowledge base, analytical and communicative faculties, and aesthetic sensibilities, while also fostering a sense of social awareness that is essential for citizenship in our increasingly complex global village.


Under the current General Education program, UTC aims to equip its graduates to:

  • think analytically, logically, creatively, reflectively and sensitively about the human condition;
  • think analytically, logically, creatively, and reflectively about natural and abstract structures;
  • collect, process, interpret, and use quantitative and qualitative information, using up-to-date methods, to define and defend viewpoints, solve problems, and make decisions;
  • communicate effectively, especially in writing and speech; engage in civil debate; and collaborate on common tasks;
  • incorporate into their world views a comparative, historical, and global perspective on the diversity of the human experience, including the complex factors that shape individuals, societies, and civilizations as well as knowledge itself.


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