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Procedure for Booking the Fine Arts Center 
We are an academic facility and therefore must give preference to the Fine Arts Center’s departments, the UTC campus, and then the community, in that order with regards to booking times.
1. Call the Fine Arts Center Office for availability at (423) 425-4371
2. Request an Application (in person or by phone)
3. Return Application with ticket information, insurance certificate, and tax exemption certificate (if applicable)
4. You will be notified after your application passes the University’s approval process to come in and sign a rental contract. At this time a deposit maybe required depending on the event. You may not publicize your event until after the approval process is complete.
5. Provide and/or meet with the Technical coordinator of the facility regarding details and requirements of your event.
6. Two weeks prior to your event, we ask that you finalize all technical needs with the technical coordinator. 
The process requires at least a month notice for all non-campus activity. You may hold no more than two (2) activities per calendar year. Rates for the concert hall are as follows and are subject to change. 

$ 525 / 325


Rental – each Performance Date plus tax - Non-Exempt/Exempt Rate or 10% ticket sales, whichever is greater.

$ 250


Rehearsal – each Rehearsal Date plus tax or 10% ticket sales, whichever is greater (figured in combination with above).
1 (required)


Coordinator Technician @ $16.00 per hour
1 (required)


House Manager @ $10.00 per hour
____ x____


Additional Technicians @ $9.00 per hour
____ x____


Ticket Printing @ $0.35 per complementary ticket issued
____ x ___


Advance Box Office services @ $1.00 per ticket sold plus $25.00 set up fee.
____ x____   Ushers @ $9.00 per hour ( 1 trained usher for every 250 patrons is required )
(You may provide additional volunteers as needed but the Head Usher is required).
____ x____


Percussion Equipment rental $50.00
____ x____


9’ Grand Piano rental $75.00 (old Steinway only)
____ x____


Piano Tuning: actual cost
____ x____   Restroom Restocking Fee (required) $15.00
____ x____


UTC Security Officer(s) as needed @ $30.00 per hour
____ x____


Other requested services or equipment at standard University prices including: tables @ $5.00 ea. and chairs @ $1.00 ea. Other supplies at cost  (gel @$5.50/sheet, gaff tape @ $13/roll, etc. )
____ x____


Staff Overtime Rates are 1-1/2 times regular pay rates. Above rates will apply to any individual(s) requested or required. Staff members' hours which exceed 40 hours for this event within a Monday thru Sunday weekly period or any hours exceeding 10 hours for this event on any single contracted day will constitute Overtime.
____ x____   Groups leaving the facility and/or dressing rooms in a messy state will incur a Cleaning Fee starting at $150.00



X = number as needed or per request