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Financial Literacy Education Program Mission Statement:

  • The Financial Literacy Education Program (FLEP) seeks to equip students with prudent knowledge, tools, and techniques that will increase their overall financial literacy, capability, satisfaction and wellness.

The services and information offered to students in support of the Financial Literacy Education Program's mission reflects a commitment to fulfilling UTC's Core Values:

  1. Preparing for the Future

    • The development of ethical and socially responsible leaders, professionals, scholars, and citizens
    • The creation of opportunities for those who seek truth, knowledge, and higher quality of life
  2. Education and Engagement

    • Excellence in teaching within a student-focused, supportive, and challenging environment
    • Achievement and national recognition in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors
    • Effective partnerships that provide meaningful involvement in educational, economic, and community development
  3. Positive Institutional Environment

    • A collegial, mutually respectful, and professionally rewarding environment
    • Broad diversity of people and ideas to strengthen our institution and community
    • Reasonable and affordable access to quality higher education