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Biderman's PSY 5950 "Multilevel & Rasch Modeling" Course Materials



Part 1

Part 2

Lecture Notes


Lecture 1 - Introduction to multilevel data

Lecture 2 - SPSS machinations needed for multilevel analyses

Lecture 3 - Basic two-level multilevel analyses.

Lecture 4 - Models with variable slopes

Lecture 4b - Centering

Lecture 5 - Analyzing longitudinal models the old way

Lecture 6 - Multilevel analyses of longitudinal data

Lecture 7 - Including Between-Subjects factors in multilevel longitudinal analyses

Introduction to Rasch Modeling

Rasch Modeling Bond & Fox Ch 3,4

Rasch Modeling Bond & Fox Ch 5

Rasch Modeling Bond & Fox Ch 6

ALDA - Chapter 4

ALDA - Chapter 5

Homework Assignments

HA 01 - SPSS Machinations


HA 03 - Rieth eff to clar

HA 04 - Rieth eff to clar more complicated models

HA 05 - Bridge data GLM Repeated vs MIXED

HA 06 - Bridge data comparing Experimental and Control groups

HA 07 - Introductory Rasch Analyses

HA 08 - WPT item invariance

HA 09 - C item invariance across questionnaires

HA 10 - ALDA Ch 4 Model Sequence

Files for use in Homework Assignments

ALDA Alcohol2

Alda Ch 5 NLSY Wages pp.sav

BF Chapter 2 Data (save as .txt file after downloading)

BF Chapter 3 Data (as txt file; Do 'Save as...' from browser)

BondFoxChapter6E (save as .txt file after downloading)

BondFoxChapter6F (Save as .txt file after downloading)

BondFox Chapter6 FCONS (Save as .txt file after downloading)

BondFox Chapter6 HCONS (Save as .txt file after downloading)

BondFoxChapterBSWPT (save as .txt file after downloading)

BondFoxChapterRoWPT (save as .txt file after downloading)








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Wrensen 070114 for PSY 5950