Biderman's PSY 5510 "Advanced Topics in Psychological Statistics"



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Part 2 Recording

Lecture Notes

PSY 5510 Syllabus

P5510 Lecture 1 - Dummy, Effects, Contrast Coding

P5510 Lecture 2 - Polynomial Coding

P5510 Lecture 3 - ANOVA using REG,GLM

P5510 Lecture 4 - Qual & Quant analyses

P5510 Lecture 5 - Repeated Measures Analysis

P5510 Lecture 6 - Logistic Regression Analysis

P5510 Lecture 7 - Survival Analysis

P5510 Lecture 8 - Factor Analysis Intro

P5510 Lecture 9 - EFAs -> CFAs -> Intro to Amos

P5950 Lecture 10 - CFA and SEM Basics

P5950 Lecture 11 - Structural Models

P5950 Lecture 12 - Modeling the Big Five

P5950 Lecture 13 - Estimating and comparing means

P5950 Lecture 14 - Applications of cfa and sem

P5950 Lecture 15

Homework Assignments

P5510 Homework 1

P5510 Homework 2

P5510 Homework 3

P5510 Homework 4

P5510 Homework 5 Medres year by totalres

P5510 Homework 6 Reel Data and Mechanics Tests

P5510 Homework 7 Logistic Regression 1

P5510 Homework 8 Logistic Regression 2

P5510 Homework 9 Survival Analysis

P5510 Homework 10 EFA1

P5510 Homework 11 Amos Intro

P5510 Homework 12 IPIP vs NEO

P5510 Homework 13 RSE, Dep, and PANAS Correlations


P5950 Final Exam

Files for use in Homework Assignments



rosopqforbal140401for5950 sav

Balanced Scale for 595 121107

Incentive Data 110923 for 5950

Rosetta 3M Factor Scores H,F only

GFP1 Sebren 110813

For Inconsistency


Rural Hospitals

Bias Study LWEQ1 for Psy 5950

For Study

Bias 2 Item Testlets

Walker Sim Data

Student HW Data 041001



SEM Data

MultiGroup Data




P5950 Creativity Problem


P5950 Method Variance Problem



Damron Subset 051010

Turnover Data

Caldwellnm 040516

Breast Cancer Survival

Testlet Data 040810


Wheaton Corrs

Oneway eg Data

NTN Testlets 060802

LBW Testlets 061010

Oneway Example P5110G for 4 yeaars


REEL Question 4 Data for P5950(Excel file)

Balanced Scale C with EOSGPA

Employee data for HA

For Study Gen Data for P5950 131113

Val Proj RSE, Dep, PANAS n1105 data