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Rehearsal Schedule - Wind Ensembles

April 15, 2014 Program


Date:       Composition  
21 Irish Tune / Shepherd's Hey (FIRST HOUR ONLY)  
  NCAA Women's Travel to Lexington, KY  
24 Possible NCAA Women's Travel - Sectionals for those not traveling  
  if not traveling (Scenes from the Louvre / Original Suite)  
26 Scenes from the Louvre  
  Original Suite  
28 Original Suite  
  Shepherd's Hey  
31 Irish Tune / Shepherd's Hey  
  Scenes from the Louvre  




Date: Composition
2             Original Suite
  Scenes from the Louvre
4 Scenes from the Louvre
  Irish Tune / Shepherd's Hey
9 Concert Order: Original Suite, Irish Tune from County Derry, Shepherd's Hey, Scenes from the Louvre
11 Concert Order
14 Concert Order
15 WIND ENSEMBLE CONCERT - 7:00p Call Time, 7:30 Concert - Roland Hayes Auditorium