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Recommended Trumpets and Mouthpieces for Different Ability Levels and Prices

Beginning students

Yamaha YTR-2335, new around $1000


Bach TR600, new around $950

Good used trumpets of these and various other brands can be found on Ebay and I recommend that beginning trumpet players purchase a used horn, because it is not certain how long and to what extent they will continue to play. If you purchase a used horn, make sure there is a trial period during which you can return the horn with a full refund. For beginner horns, the make and model of the horn is less important. Most important is its condition: Are there any major dents or a lot of lacquer wear? Do the valves move smoothly and easily? Do the slides move (this is sometimes an easy fix)? It is best to have a trumpet player you trust evaluate the horn.

Mouthpiece: Bach 7C, new at $36

School purchase

Level 1: Yamaha 4335G, new around $1,200 (intermediate)

Level 2: Yamaha 6335 or 6345G, new around $1,680 (professional)

Level 3: Yamaha Xeno 8335 or 8345, new around $1,940 (professional)


Level 1: Bach TR200, new around $1,280 (intermediate)

Level 2 and 3: Bach Stradivarius 18037, new around $2,250 (professional)

These horns are appropriate for individuals as well. It is best that an individual student consult with a professional trumpet player when looking to purchase a new trumpet, so that the most appropriate trumpet for that student can be chosen.


Elementary school-purchase Bach 7C, new at $36

Middle school and high school-purchase Bach 7C, 5C, and 3C, new at $36 each

I do not recommend purchasing used mouthpieces unless you have evaluated them in person and they are in like-new condition. Mouthpieces should not be worn, scratched, dinged, or dented. Please refer to the mouthpiece section under “Special Considerations” for more on how to choose mouthpieces for your students.