Articles in Press









  • (with D. A. Goldston) On the differences between consecutive prime numbers, I, INTEGERS: Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory 12B (2013), #A3, 1–8; reprinted as pp. 37–44 in Combinatorial Number Theory (Proceedings of the ‘‘Integers Conference 2011,’’ Carrollton, Georgia, October 26-29, 2011), De Gruyter Proceedings in Mathematics, 2013.




Articles Submitted for Publication

  • The distribution of Farey points in short intervals, submitted for publication.

  • (with K. Ferrier, M. Jackson, D. Patel and H. Tran) The expected number of zeros of a random polynomial, submitted for publication.

  • (with E. Addison, S. Smith and R. Vrandenburgh) Average intensity of the distribution of complex zeros of a class of random polynomials, submitted for publication.

  • Complex zeros of random polynomials with complex coefficients, submitted for publication.


Articles in Preparation

  • (with D. A. Goldston) On the differences between consecutive prime numbers, II, in preparation.

  • The level curves and crossings of a random harmonic polynomial, in preparation.

  • (with C. Gugg) Computations on integers of the form p + gk, in preparation.


Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation

  • On Turán’s pure power sum problem, Master Theses, Paper 2147 (Adviser: Professor D. A. Goldston), San José State University, San José, CA, May 2001.

  • Distribution of Farey series and free path lengths for a certain billiard in the unit square, Doctoral Dissertation (Adviser: Professor A. Zaharescu), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, May 2007. (95 pp.; ISBN: 978-0549-09626-9; ProQuest LLC).


‘It is one of the chief merits of proofs that they instil a certain scepticism as to the result proved.’
          Bertrand Russell, The Principles of Mathematics, 1903, p. 360


‘Celui qui multiplie les questions, répondit-elle, augmente ses 
problèmes. Réjouis-toi, mon doux cadavre, de tout ce qui t’est donné, 
et ne pose pas de questions qui ne comportent pas de réponses.’ 
          S. J. Agnon, La Dame et le Colporteur